Protein Electrophoresis and Blotting

Electrophoresis Chambers

Our electrophoresis chambers enable rapid, high-resolution protein separation on precast or handcast gels over a variety of different gel sizes.

Protein Gels

Choose SDS-PAGE and native-PAGE gels, convert to TGX Precast Gels, or choose specialized gel chemistries including stain-free

Power Supplies

From basic to high-voltage capacity, our power supplies provide simple programming in a compact, stackable case.

Western Blotting

Western blotting products include the V3 Western Workflow, protein transfer systems, membranes, filter paper, blotting buffers, and detection kits

Fluorescent Western Blotting

Bio-Rad’s fluorescent western blotting workflow is a seamless integration of products designed to work together to offer guaranteed results.

Protein Ladders and Standards (Markers)

Molecular weight standards for applications including SDS-PAGE, western blotting, 2-D PAGE, and isoelectric focusing (IEF).

Protein Stains

Visualize and quantify protein bands including Coomassie stains, fluorescent stains, silver stains, reversible negative stains, and total protein blot stains.

Buffers, Reagents, and Acrylamide

Loading buffers for protein or nucleic acid samples, detergents, ampholytes, and gel-casting buffers.

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